Monday, August 8, 2011

beezag - Watch video ads to earn $$ (updated 10/27/12)

Update 10/27/12- I haven't used this one, like ever.  Before "canning" it, I want to try it for real and see if it's good. A reliable source shared this with me-- so I want to try it again. 

A friend of mine posted this link tonight on her facebook, and I thought I would check it out! You watch video ads for points, which can be converted to Paypal cash. Presently, 8,000 points is $8. I watched one video so far, and earned 50 points. It appears that all of the videos are 50pts-- and the videos seem to be about 45sec to 60sec long. As you answer questions through out beezag, it helps them give videos to you to watch (based on marketing/advertising preferences).

My link to this one is:

**You can earn 10% of your referral points too!


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