Saturday, April 25, 2009

Money and Financial Crisis

The whole reason I established this blog is to show others where they can make "extra" spending money. I have tried many things and have found sites that work, and some that don't. I'll admit, that sometimes the money I make through these programs will often help me pay a bill from time to time, some months it does not make me much. It all depends on how much you, yourself, put into it and how much time you put into it.
Wherever I have been paid, I have noted and tried to provide a image to each one as proof for you. There are sites that even though I made it to their minimum payout, I unfortunately was NOT paid. These sites are noted too.
In this current economic stress, anything extra you can bring in for your family may be helpful to you. I like that I can make a little extra "mad" money each month that I don't feel guilty for spending on something other than a bill.

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