Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bowling For Cash (Updated 2/4/10)

Update 2/4/10: The paid to click section is AWESOME! If you are not a member SIGN UP now! Alot of FREE money to be earned!! The amount and value of clicks changes at times depending on the campaigns going on, but it's a great way to earn FREE money!

You get paid on this site by completing offers (or doing paid to clicks). There are many to choose from, and this site is fun!

They have paid to click as well, and there is a $1.00 sign up bonus. $10.00 Minimum Withdrawal via paypal!

Barbara, the owner, has a new PTC section that are just like offers, and they are worth between 3-5 cents. It is awesome! If you click them everyday, you WILL make payout each month! Be sure to follow the rules for these clicks (can't click on other sites if you click them here, and remember to clear your cache each day!)

Payments Received:
3/7/08 Received $10.00 (Click to see payment image)
4/11/08 Received $21.34 (Click to see payment image)
5/31/08 received $11.98 as Amazon gift card
8/28/08 Received $11.59 for July earnings! (click to see payment image)
3/1/09 Received 11.02 for January Earnings.
12/19/09 Received $15.08 for November earnings
1/31/10 Received $38.02