Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Deal Barbie Pays is still the BEST!

Deal Barbie is now owned by a new person, but so far he seems to be great. There is really no difference on the site, only now the payments are instant.

Minimum Payout is: 20.00
Site does require your phone number to be verified.

This site owner also has several contests and promotions through out the month.
VERY honest and paying owner.


Payment Received
9/25/07: $25.50 Click to see payment image
1/28/08: $67.90 Click to see payment image
7/25/08: $10.00 Amazon Gift Card (contest won) Click for payment image!
5/1/09: $26.01 received!
11/1/09: $21.65 received-- INSTANT PAYMENT!!


iliana said...

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girish said...

Is this a paid to click program

Srinivasan Janardhanam said...

Good to know that Deal Barbie Pays! Thanks!!

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KJ's Momma said...

girish, this site has ALOT of offers and has a paid to click section as well. They pay INSTANTLY which is awesome!

Anthony said...

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Penny Auction said...


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Blogger said...

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